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“I am extremely pleased. There’ve been so many things, and I can’t think how it could have gone more smoothly. It is a great pleasure working with you, and the website is as beautiful and functional as I could have hoped.”

Dr. Mark Brombaugh, Co-Director of Music

“This is the easiest transition I have ever made to a new website.”

Shannon Farley, Secretary

“Working with the team at Branded has been a joy. Their expertise with everything from web design to physical letterhead has made creating a consistent look for our website and print materials a breeze.  They pay attention to details I didn’t even know existed, and their work on social media has increased our readership so much I can hardly put a number to it.  This team knows how to create a sharp and professional brand.”

Abby Zwart, Editor

“THANK YOU BOTH for your team work and willingness to give my crazy idea a try… I think it worked well for everyone!!!!!!!!!!  I truly LOVE my website.”

Michella Littlejohn, Owner

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